Energy Savers

Energy Savers
SUMMER IS HERE! And there are many simple and practical tips for conserving energy while saving on your energy bill! 

Each time you select a conservation action, you’ll see what it will cost, and also how much you’ll save each year afterward.

Cool ways to stay cool this summer

  • Draw your  blinds and block the warming effects of direct sunlight and use a fan to circulate the air – ceiling fans rotating the air downward create a cooling breeze
  • When you do use your air conditioner, Consider the newer ENERGY STAR® models which are 70% more efficient and maintain your Air Conditioner unit so it operates efficiently!

Set your thermostat at 25°C or higher, for every degree below, you will conserve 3 to 5% more energy

Simple solutions that make a big difference!

  • If a room/area is not in use, shut off the lights and Use natural sunlight when possible
  • Replace your incandescent light bulbs with qualified CFL’s and use up to 75% less energy!
    Note:  CFL bulbs do contain small amounts of mercury so if they break sweep up all of the glass fragments and phosphor powder – don’t vacuum and place in a plastic bag.  For this same reason, make sure you dispose of spent bulbs in an environmentally friendly manner. Home Depot offers a CFL disposal option on location

Ghost bust those phantom loads!

Phantom load is electricity consumed by electronic devices even when turned off, such as a TVs, phone chargers, DVDs, VCRs, even coffeemakers with clocks and timers.

  • Use a power bar with an integrated timer to shut off all your devices or just unplug them.
  • set your computer to power-down mode with minimal delay Screen savers DON’T save energy!