Who Why

Is a General Not-For-Profit Incorporation.  Our volunteer board is made up of people who saw an opportunity to make a difference by having fun with the lights off!

The Blackout Day Challenge invites people in municipalities, businesses and communities to power down on August 14th, the anniversary of the Blackout that affected South-Eastern Canada and North-Eastern U.S.

Energy conservation is a critical issue and there are many ways for us to take even small actions to power down and make a big difference.

The time to act is now and the Blackout Day Group, along with its partners and supporters, are empowering people to power down on Blackout Day and every day!

Our Mission
Creating an online community for people to share ideas, tips, information and for communities, businesses, municipalities and schools to take action toward energy conservation;

Uniting communities, businesses, municipalities and schools interested in taking on every day practices as well as promote every day practices to conserve energy and make a change towards a sustainable planet;

Gathering and exchanging ideas, acknowledgements, statistics, tips and valid/verified information on energy conservation;

Acknowledging and featuring people, communities, businesses, schools and organizations who are taking actions to conserve energy both in their own usage and by encouraging others to do the same;

Raising and contributing funds towards causes that support energy conservation and environmental initiatives.